How do I find a topic?

How do I narrow down a broad topic to a concrete question to which there is an answer?

What is a concept and why do we write it down?

How is a seminar paper/thesis/dissertation structured?

How do I formulate the individual structured sections?

How do I create my own text from so many citations?

What are the important formal criteria?

Why and how to make corrections?

Where can I find help in the existing structures?

How do I deal with writer’s block and avoidance strategies?

How do I best organize my time?

How can I conduct a discussion with the mentor to ensure optimal benefit in terms of writing a paper?


Course objectives

This seminar aims to substantiate the diffuse task of “writing a paper”, i.e. creating awareness of individual working steps and their functions, and thus improving the structure. Students are able to develop strategies for independent drafting and writing of scientific papers. Forming student work groups outside the teaching environment will be stressed. The seminar is structured around methods and results of text linguistics and discourse analysis as well as creative writing.


Course outcomes

Students are familiar with writing a seminar paper (generally a scientific paper), starting with the selection of a topic through to formulating and conceptualizing the problem and toward the correction and presentation of a formally acceptable paper.